Our Story

Do you like to travel? I do and every time I take a trip I love to bring my own pillow along to ensure a good night's sleep, wake fully rested and ready to enjoy my day. What I don’t like is how my pillow is exposed to the elements when traveling and the lack of pillow privacy, not to mention the barrage of germs, dirt and grime it comes in contact with, in route to my destination.


During a visit to the Biltmore Estates during the Christmas season, I walked into the hotel with my pillow in tow only to realize it was damp from the raindrops, I then proceeded to  accidentally drop it on the hotel entryway floor as we checked-in and if that wasn’t enough…it had Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer printed all over the pillowcase…I was so embarrassed! Enough was enough! I thought to myself, there just has to be a better way to travel with your pillow and keep it safe. 


As soon as I got home from my trip I got to work on my pillow problem and guess what...I couldn't find ONE option out there to protect my pillow while traveling. It was time for ME to do something about it. I brainstormed with my mom, she taught me how to sew and together we took an existing product (the drawstring bag) made some amendments to it, added some new features that would not only protect my pillow while traveling, but also make it comfortable, versatile and super easy to use. 


Let me introduce to you to The Original PillowSak®: a protective cover for your pillow while traveling. Not only does your pillow travel in style, but the PillowSak® keeps your pillow clean, free from dirt and grime, provides for pillow privacy, protects your pillow investment and allows for peace of mind when resting your head at night. It’s completely user friendly, has an adjustable strap for shoulder/crossbody use, a suitcase sleeve for convenience, is liquid resistant, super cute and appeals to anyone who likes to travel with their pillow.