Customer Testimonials

Alyssa, Parkersburg, WV

"I love my PillowSak because it’s easy to use and washes well. My PillowSak has traveled to multiple Dave Matthews Band shows, Amish country and North Carolina."

Lily, Savannah, GA

"I like how PillowSak keeps my pillow clean when traveling. PillowSak is lightweight and easy to carry."

Rich, Springfield, GA

"I like the PillowSak because I can carry it without it getting in the way of anything else that I am carrying and it leaves your hands free."

Kathy, Milford, NY

"I love how PillowSak keeps your pillow clean and sanitary. I love the carry strap. I have taken it on some weekend trips to Saratoga Springs, NY and Stowe, VT."

Debby, Springfield, GA

"I love my PillowSak! When I travel the PillowSak gives me piece of mind knowing that when bedtime comes my pillow is clean. I sleep better with my own pillow and love that I now have a PillowSak to keep it safe when traveling. My PillowSak has been to New York, Florida, Atlanta, Macon, Blythe Island, North Carolina."

Allison, Wilmington, GA

"Brilliant, absolutely brilliant."

Susan, Elkins, WV

"I received my PillowSak today! Thank you so much! It is perfect in every way! Thank you for bringing your idea to life in such a classy way! I know so many of my family and friends that will love knowing about Pillow Sak! Best wishes for a great small business success!"

Maddie, Tybee Island, GA

I love my PillowSak because I'm sensitive about germs on my pillow because I put my face on it and it needs to be protected when traveling.  I have taken it to youth camp, a mission trip to Jamaica and Belgium.  

Carolyn, Virginia Highlands, GA

I brought my PillowSak on a cruise with my pillow and a back pillow in it.  It is super easy to carry, I shoved it in the overhead bin on the plane and didn't worry about it safety.  I was so excited to be able to bring my pillow with me and not worry about it getting dirty. 

Anna, Bluffton, SC

I love my PillowSak because I can put my pillow, blanket and sheets in it when I go to a hotel.  It seals up tight, it super easy to carry over the shoulder or on a suitcase and it keeps everything clean.

Sonja, Amelia Island, FL

I'm so jazzed and excited about PillowSak because now I will be comfortable one vacation and my neck won't hurt because I've sleeping on my own pillow.  I appreciate how PillowSak protects my pillow and ,makes my vacation much more enjoyable with my own clean pillow.

Allison, Fernandina Beach, FL

I love how the PillowSak protects my pillow, fits on my shoulder or I can put it over my suitcase.  It's the greatest invention ever and everyone should have one.

Jack, Chamblee, GA

I am a very big pillow diva and the PillowSak is the perfect way to transport it, I don't have to worry about shoving it in a suitcase and I know I have a clean pillow when I get there.  

Jill, Chamblee, GA

PillowSak is awesome and I love it; it keeps your pillow nice and clean.  Once you arrive at your destination it's nice and clean to use it doesn't get beat up.  I use my memory foam pillow and this is the perfect product for that.  I highly, highly could not recommend this product enough.  You guys have to snag one.

Ashley, St. Simons Island, GA

Anytime I go on a road-trip I throw my pillow, throw it in the backseat and don't have any worries that it's going to get dirty on the way to the hotel.  I just love mine and I've told my whole family about it and they have all bought one too.

Rachel, Jekyll Island, GA

I use my PillowSak every time I go somewhere. I put my pillow and blanket in it and throw it in my car or attach it to my suitcase.  It's fabulous and it is my favorite thing to travel with. I highly recommend that you buy one, two or ten

Colleen, Jekyll Island, GA

My bought PillowSaks for both of my daughters that are away at college and they love them, they use them every time they come home.  They keep their pillow very clean and they are very well made and very sturdy. They are easy to clean and they are easy to use